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    Jeff Bartlett supported this idea  · 
    Jeff Bartlett commented  · 

    The send-date optimized and send-time optimized options are great, but they have some limitations that I think could be fixed easily.

    I propose that start & end times for these send options be assignable: send-time optimized across a 6-hour or 12-hour window, send-date optimized between Monday and Wednesday, etc.

    For example, let's assume I am sending an email that I'd like everyone to receive this evening after work. If I start at a reasonable midpoint -- say, 7PM -- some of my list will still be at work on the west coast when I start sending, and some will be in bed when sending finishes. What if I could specify, say, optimize the time between 6PM and 10PM?

    Likewise, we almost never use send-date optimization because it's too slow in many instances. If I have a sale that ends Saturday, and I'm sending an email on Monday, I can't use this feature -- but I COULD use it if we could specify "no later than Thursday" or what have you.

    I can think of a dozen uses for this, and I bet your other clients can think of hundreds.

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