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File Updates & Response Email Modification

I discussed with Eben Holt and it was suggested I post this here:

Not truly an API request, but this is regarding the HTTP Post list update method...

For the HTTP Post upload response emails Bronto sends to list admins, could we get the header recap of the processing results in the email? (not any specific records that were issues, just the header results?)...

It would be great to know from the email if there were any errors or if the post was a full success... Obviously we could login for more details if invalids/errors are reported in the recap.

Right now, the email sent by Bronto to admins just says that an HTTP post was completed... no other details are provided...

Example of what the email recap could look like:


Your bulk import finished at 07/31/2013 03:49 PM. You can view your report here.

Title: Add/Update import of "BrontoUpdate_Rover_20130731154852.csv"
Completion Date: 7/31/2013 15:49
Adding to Lists API Test List
Number of Email Addresses: 106
Number Invalid: 0
Number Valid: 106
Number Successfully Added: 72
Number Unsuccessfully Added: 0
Number Successfully Updated: 34
Number Successfully Updated, Active: 34
Number Successfully Updated, Inactive: 0
Number Unsuccessfully Updated: 0


Please advise.


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