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Email Capture Point Exclusion

The scraper powered by Browse Recovery and the New Order Service have a substantial flaw in that they intercept our marketing sign up inputs and add contacts as transactional.

The general idea of these scrapers is to be all encompassing so as to not miss an email being entered in various inputs on our site. We've setup a bunch of capture points based on various tag attributes(id, name, input type). We catch ourselves between two options:

A. Find and determine every single unique capture point and assign it a unique id on our site. This kind of defeats the purpose of an all encompassing capture point attribute like “type=email”.

B. Using type=email and allowing the scraper to assign customers to transactional even though they are attempting to signup via our intended marketing form

Proposed solution: allow us to use capture point exceptions. This will allow us to identify our specific marketing capture points(which a marketer will be much more aware of), then open the flood gates with all kinds of various attribute designations and furthermore capturing ALL possible emails on our site, in the correct transactional status.

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  • Daniel commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    @John, great point. Let me provide some details:

    The scraper successfully adds the contact to our account with a transnational status. This is happening seconds before the marketing form is submitted, which fires an API call to add the contact to a marketing list and set their status as Active(or On-boarding, respectively).

    I'm not familiar with Bronto's back-end systems that handle this, or if there's a queue or job handler, but with these actions happening so close together, the API call seems to be successful from our end, but not when I review the contact's history.

  • Jeff commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I've noticed this but I'm not clear on why having a contact begin as transactional (upon scraping) and then immediately convert to marketing (when he or she submits the signup form) is a problem.

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