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Custom conversion attribution model for phone sales

We have Bronto Integrated with Netsuite and the Netsuite orders are pulled into Bronto.

The issue is that the majority of our orders happen over the phone. A customer will receive an email from us and then call us and place the order by phone. This does not count as a conversion in Bronto even though the email prompted the phone call from the customer.

We would like to be able to create attribution models just like you can in Google Analytics so that we can apply attribution for phone sales appropriately.

We could specify a window of time so if the customer placed a phone order within X days of receiving an email we could apply Y conversion credit to that email.

Of course the customer could have received multiple emails in that time frame and this is where the different models could apply so we can choose what is appropriate for our business, whether it be first, last, even distribution, etc.

I'm not sure what percentage of Bronto's customers accept phone orders, but for any that do, this is huge hole in reporting on the effectiveness of Bronto campaigns.

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  • Sarah Bailey commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I completely agree. We need this as well. I do a lot of lead nurture and promotional campaigns that drive calls to our "telesales" call center. They close big ticket items on a daily basis that are drive from phone calls. I would love to have a way to report on attribution where email contributed to the sale! We could do a match back with a promo code that comes through our API? Or like you suggested, an attribution if the sale happened within a certain number of days?

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