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Ability To Setup An Account Wide 'E-mail Sending Delay' Option To The Frequency Caps

We would love the ability to add in one additional functionality to the Email Frequency Caps, found under the "General" Settings area.

Specifically what we have in mind, is the ability to have an e-mail that was going to be sent to a customer, but was blocked by the system due to a frequency cap (If we do not want to override frequency caps), for that specific e-mail delivery to sit in limbo, until the frequency cap for that customer no longer applies, and then proceed with the delivery, instead of the system's current functionality of just outright cancelling the delivery.

So for example, if we turned on, "Enable daily frequency cap" with "Max Emails in Past Day" set at 1 or 2 days, an additional option you could select, to have deliveries that were scheduled to be sent, but was blocked by the frequency caps, to have it sent once the contact no longer meets the logic for that frequency cap.

We know there are various options at the moment when scheduling an e-mail in the Messages area, along with in the Send E-mail node in the workflows, to override the frequency caps, but given the complexity of some of your client's accounts, including ours, that feature numerous workflows to trigger various personalized marketing messages for customers that browse categories, various post purchase e-mails and much more, without having to do what we do now, by making sure our delay node timing in all of our workflows are always not in conflict to prevent e-mail fatigue, a simple option to set a frequency cap but then also set it up to continue onward with the originally cancelled delivery, once they no longer meet the frequency cap logic, would be awesome.

As a full example, if I were a potential customer and came to one of our sites, I sign up for our newsletter, a cookie is created by Bronto and then I decide to browse several product categories within a short period of time, my account within Bronto would have updated on each category page that we have a Direct Update tag installed on, to note that this customer viewed this specific category, in the form of a field update using the Direct Update tag, and as such, I am likely interested in these products since I chose to view these categories.

Therefore, we like to send out personalized, category specific e-mails to people, should they have migrated to one of interest.

While most visitors of ours tend to sign up for our newsletters and then if they are not going to make a purchase at that time, they will browse several categories within a very short time span; sometimes it may be 3 categories over 30 minutes or 8 categories within 30 minutes. Lots of variation but most of the time, several or many categories within an hour or two.

So if we have a workflow setup to say,

Updated Contact Field: Viewed X Category is true, delay node so they don't get the e-mail immediately upon viewing that category, then send them a marketing e-mail for that category.

As of right now, without building very intricate workflows using segments and lists, primarily as stopgap measures, which we actually do at the moment to mitigate this potential issue, we would not want to setup a hard frequency cap for these specific category browsing customers, given that would completely block future category e-mails from being sent, especially as described, if they view numerous categories over a short time span.

If we could setup a frequency cap in the general settings area, with a further delay option, a customer who browses 5 categories within an hour or even a day, is not going to only receive one of them, they would continue to receive the other personalized e-mails after they exit the frequency cap's logic.

Now while we certainly could setup different timings in the workflow delay nodes for different categories, we would not want to have a specific category e-mail sent, for example, 9 days after viewing the category, given that particular customer, may have only looked at just that specific one, as opposed to the person who viewed many. While different delay node timings would solve this specific example, the longer we wait to send out a personalized e-mail like this, the more likely that a customer may have moved on to a competitor of ours or could have changed their mind by then.

Additionally, to ensure that this delay feature does not cause harm to actual scheduled e-mails in the Messages area, like sending crafted promotional e-mails for a holiday sale, there could be an additional option, besides the "Frequency caps override will be turned off" option, there could be one more override option in the Send Message area or Send Email workflow node, to also override the post frequency cap delay, to ensure if you have a very important e-mail that needs to be sent immediately or at a certain time, that it goes out exactly when you want, without those two options interfering with your marketing plan.

I hope I have explained this in enough detail.

Thank you for your time.

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