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Ability To Edit Order Data Within The "Edit Contact" Area Of A Specific Contact

This has been on our list for a while and have brought it up several times with various support reps and account managers over the years.

While from what I remember being told, it is currently possible to delete and/or revise, individual order data for a contact, using the full API, however being our ecommerce platform does not currently allow us this much functionality, we would just love the ability to be able to simple do it within the "Edit Contact" area for a specific contact.

Right now, when editing a contact, you are only presented with three sections:

1. General
2. Fields
3. Lists

When testing new changes in the account or revised integrations using the JS conversion tag, we use this all the time on our personal work e-mails to change field values, add or remove ourselves from lists, in order to confirm our logic is setup correctly between the segments and workflows.

However, especially when testing new integrations that require full test checkouts on our end, or if we discover shortly thereafter, that that our integration needs further improvement and perhaps, incomplete or incorrect data was uploaded for a particular contact, we think it would be far more easy to just add an "Orders" tab while in the "Edit Contact", so we could delete or revise orders correctly if needed, which would also provide us the ability to delete our test checkouts. If this ability is already available in the full API, I would think it would not be too difficult to add this ability to the "Edit Contact" section as well.

Thank you for your consideration.

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