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More filter options within workflow centered in SMS activity

It would be nice that instead of just having the email validation filter in a workflow you could use other filters centered around SMS activity.

For an example, if a customer receives a SMS message and replies a yes for an opt in message, that we would have an option like "email validation" but maybe "text validation" where the company could define what type of text it was looking for... like if the customer responds using the word "yes" you could instruct the workflow to look for the word "yes" so the customer would continue on the workflow activity.

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  • AdminBronto (Product Management, Bronto Software) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Molly,

    Most of what you're already looking to do can be accomplished within Workflows. For a good start, take a look at the Workflow template titled "[TEMPLATE] SMS Opt-In w/ Request for Addl Information". Its a great example of how you can request additional information and add their response to a contact field. You would just need to modify it so that once you insert the answer in a field that you then use a field-filter node to check the response. Does field = X, send them this message. Does field = Y, send them a reminder. Plenty of ways to have a "conversation" with preset responses.

    There's a second template titled "[TEMPLATE] SMS Opt-In w/ Request for Addl Information" which should give you an example of validating an email address given via SMS. Slightly different than asking for general field data, but still easily done.

    I'm going to close out this ticket for now, Molly, but don't hesitate to comment here if you'd like to discuss further.

    Thanks Molly, and hope you're doing well!
    - Jocelyn @ Bronto

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