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Message-Based Workflow Reporting

I'd like to be able to export reporting data based upon messages (similar to delivery groups). Many of my workflows have 10-20 messages and are running continuously, and I'd like to be able to look at those 10-20 message reports as opposed to 100+ delivery reports.


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  • AdminBronto (Product Management, Bronto Software) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Matt,

    Question regarding this ticket before I move forward. You reference Message Reports and Delivery Group Reports in your submission, but we also have Workflow Reports. Have you taken a look at these to see if they better fit the constraints you're looking for?

    If you go to Automation > Workflows, any Workflow that has been activated in the past will have a Reporting icon (red pie graph) on the far right side of the table. By default this report will show the metrics for all deliveries of all messages within the Workflow. You can also go to "Showing Metrics For" in the upper right-hand corner to see a list of each message sent, aggregated by day. You may need to select "Single Contact" and/or "Transactional" from the Advanced Options menu to see all options. Right now that table does not have a "Download Table Data" option available, but that is an open request already in the queue for our platform team:

    Take a look and let me know what you think. If this still does not offer the perspective you need, I'm happy to escalate to the Reporting team but would first need to know what's missing from the existing reporting.

    Thanks Matt!
    - Jocelyn @ Bronto

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