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Trigger Order is Shipped workflow when order is created with shipping date filled

Currently, the "order is shipped" workflow trigger only fires when the shipping date of an order is changed. But if that attribute has a value when the order is created, meaning the order has already shipped by the time the order was send into Bronto, then this trigger never fires.

The primary use case for this is when orders are placed by customer service reps on the e-commerce platform's admin tool or order management system. Since front-end orders are first captured by the shopping cart abandonment script, they get subsequently changed when they have been shipped. However, orders whcih are placed offline do not yet exist in Bronto and quite often have already been shipped by the time they are first sent to Bronto (as a create). Thus, the shipping date never "changes" but rather gets a value on the very first send. Unfortunately, that means that no order follow-up emails based on the "is shipped" trigger are sent for these offline orders.

The change we are requesting is to recognize the population of the shipping date field, whether on an update or an insert, as indication of the order's shipped status.

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Andrew Krasner shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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  • Andrew Krasner commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The workaround which Micah provided is not viable, at least as far as we've been able to attempt to use it ourselves. The main reason is that the order data is not available to use in segments. Which is understandable because segments are groups of contacts, not orders. The secondary reason is that to include the order item data in the message to the customer, this needs to be passed in the workflow and currently Bronto only allows this to be passed from the "Order Is Shipped" or "Order is Added" triggers.

    My concern here is that Bronto was positioned as a replacement for our current email trigger platform which sends product review requests and other follow-ups after orders are shipped. And now, because of this limitation, it cannot be used to replace this existing platform and so we are left running two separate email delivery platforms (Bronto for email blasts, and our current other platform for all of our triggered emails).

  • AdminBronto (Product Management, Bronto Software) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Andrew,

    I appreciate your patience while I discussed this request with our Product Management team. Unfortunately we do not have any immediate plans to change the functionality of the Order is Shipped trigger, and it is working as designed.

    In reviewing your account I did see that you'd had a conversation with Support regarding the same concerns. Micah provided the same solution I would have - to use a segment that looks at the ordershipped variable. This allows much more customization for you as you can set the segment to look for orders shipping in X days, orders shipped today, or orders that will be shipped X days in the future. I would recommend giving his suggestion a try, and working with your Account Manager and Support if you have any further questions.

    If our decision changes with regard to the Order is Shipped trigger I will certainly update this case, but for right now it is closed. You are welcome to add additional comments if you'd like to continue the conversation.

    Thanks so much!
    - Jocelyn @ Bronto

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